Christmas Countdown-4 days!

  This was the last day before Christmas that would be cold enough for me to wear anything “wintry”! As sad as that makes me, I will take any opportunity to wear any of my J.Crew Factory vests! This one is 50% off, along with the skirt I am wearing. I can’t say enough about how comfortable these skirts are, and since they’re elastic and high waisted I can always size down, which is a plus. I would advise sizing down on the vest, too.

  My necklace is a couple years old from J.Crew and the bracelet is Purple Peridot, and although it is out of stock right now they have an identical necklace that is super cute! The top I have is from Target and it is only $12! There are so many different colors and it’s so comfortable.

  These are my favorite boots I own, you can purchase them from Target on sale now for $62.99. They come in 4 different colors and I have them in “tan”. I read some negative reviews about the quality, but I can personally vouch for these shoes. After walking miles in them over various types of terrain they have held together perfectly and the finish hasn’t rubbed off. I ordered them in my regular shoe size and they fit me fine even with thicker socks and tucked in jeans.

My bag was purchased at Marshall’s, but I found the same one in a few different colors on Amazon.

Vest: J.Crew Factory Skirt: J.Crew Factory Top: Target Necklace and Bracelet: Both unavailable, J.Crew and Purple Peridot (necklace that matches bracelet here) Purse: Michael Kors Boots: Target

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