Countdown…3 Days!

Sweater: L.L. Bean

Only three days to go until Christmas! I hope everyone is finishing up their shopping!

This is my favorite cableknit sweater. It’s not itchy and fits true to size. It’s a little pricy at $79, but I have a feeling this is an article of clothing that will last for many years. And while we’re speaking of L.L. Bean…

Boots: L.L. Bean Socks: J. Crew Factory

I LOVE my Bean Boots. Although I live in Tennessee and we don’t get a lot of snow, I still find many occasions to wear them. When the weather dips into the 50s or it rains I use that as an excuse to pull these on! I ordered mine in 8 inch height and brown color. I know many people buy them in navy but I felt with my wardrobe brown would go better. Two pieces of advice: buy them a size down and buy them EARLY. I am regularly a size 7-7.5 narrow, so I ordered them in a 6 narrow and they fit great even with these thick men’s socks. I also ordered early, buying  these in August and they arrived in October. I would say that August is probably the absolute latest in the year you would want to wait to purchase.

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