Lilly Sale

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the After Party Sale that took place earlier today. And if you’re anything like me, THIS was probably on the screen of you phone, your husband’s phone, your iPad, your computer, and any other device with which you could use to snag up a beautiful Lilly Pulitzer print on MAJOR sale.

I logged in exactly at 8 AM, just like experienced bloggers had suggested. I began refreshing the screen starting around 7:55, knowing I would get one of the first spots in line. Wrong! Once 8 o’clock hit, I was placed in the virtual line with an estimated wait time of over an hour. Of course, this went much quicker and only lasted about 20 minutes. Since I’ve never really shopped at Lilly before, I knew I would only search under my clothing sizes to narrow down my choices. With as much hype that came with this sale, I didn’t want to be left out!

I snagged this gorgeous top first thing! Since I’m new to Lilly and the beautiful but crazy prints, this was the most “muted”, if you will, print that still screamed “Lilly” to me. I’m loving this cold weather but I can’t wait to wear this beauty! At $34, it was a steal!

 My other purchase was an agenda. They were only $14, and since I’ve never really had s “nice” planner, I thought now was the best time to purchase one!

I had a mini heart attack during checkout because I didn’t realize that doesn’t take Discover, so I had to scramble to log into my PayPal to complete my purchase. So, note to others, have another card handy just in case your retailer doesn’t take yours! I was surprised how quickly my order was completed and that my items will arrive in one week! All in all, my first shopping experience with Lilly Pulitzer was a great one, and I will be back for more!

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