What’s in my bag??

On most days, these things can be found in my purse, of course if I were being completely honest I would add two packs of gum to this pile and about 30 gum wrappers! I cleaned up for the sake of this post, though 🙂

I’ll start with my favorite cosmetic bag, purchased at Harrod’s Department Store on my trip to London. I found it in a section of the store devoted to souvenir merchandise, and I have carried it with me ever since!

My cozy gloves are from Old Navy, ever since I discovered these fingerless gloves/mittens I haven’t gone back to traditional gloves! My sunglasses are Ray-Ban, I love the little leather case they came in! The adorable gold jewel next to my cosmetic bag is a portable charger from the Baublebar line at Target. It’s one of my favorite tech pieces!!

My wallet is from TJ Maxx, but Kate Spade has a similar one here. I’ve used it for two years and it’s as durable as it is cute, I get compliments almost every time I pull it out at a cash register.

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