All Wrapped Up


Who else can’t stand wearing a blanket scarf in the “traditional” way? I always feel completely buried and like my head is stuck in the forward position when I wrap my scarf around my neck. The way I’ve styled it in this picture is my favorite way to wear a blanket scarf. I bought it on Amazon after a saw several girls with the full priced version from Zara. You can buy mine here for less than $20. I will warn you shipping takes a while since it ships from China, but it’s worth the wait for a low priced, good quality scarf!

My leggings are my new favorite pair of “pants”. They’re fleece lined, and I’ll let you in on a secret. I have trouble with certain leggings stretching in the thighs and appearing “shiny”, almost see through, but fleece lined leggings don’t do that! You can buy a pair very similar to mine here for only $5!

My favorite bracelets are featured again, along with a super comfortable tunic from J. Crew Factory. You can get a the black version here, and what you don’t see are the tiny pockets on the front, such cute detailing!

I’ve worn these earrings for quite some time but never featured them on here. I like that they’re small enough to not overwhelm a large necklace but have enough shine to stand out. You can buy a very similar pair from J. Crew Factory here.

You didn’t think I would wear these fabulous boots and not show a closeup just once, right?? Buy them here, friendly reminder to size down!

2 thoughts on “All Wrapped Up

    1. Thanks!! It’s from J. Crew Factory, they still have the sweater in black but the green has been gone for a while! And girl, belting them is the only way to go!


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