Starbucks Lovers

See this picture? That’s me at the original Starbucks store in Seattle, Washington. I waited in the long line for over 30 minutes in the unusual northwest heat so I could get a cup of coffee from this historic shop, except what’s in that cup makes me feel like a fraud.

See this one? I was so excited when Starbucks rolled out their new Christmas cups, so as soon as I could, I raced over with some friends so we could experience the magical red cup and snowy sleeve. But that’s not coffee in there…

This is more like it. A cup that shows my fraudulent, “coffee” drinking ways. Because, as you can clearly see, that is not coffee, that is a white mocha frappuccino with no whipped cream. And in the first picture I’m holding a hot cup of white chocolate mocha, and the Christmas cup is full of hot tea.

I have tried so many times to sincerely enjoy straight up coffee. I can drink black unsweet tea. I can eat 90% dark chocolate. I like rich tasting desserts. But coffee has always been hard for me to swallow, literally.

I’ll give you a few options if you struggle like I do. If you’re trying to “adult” so hard and get away from the sugary, whole milk drinks that Starbucks offers.

Flat White: This is a drink that is basically a few shots of espresso and steamed milk. Start out whole, and work your way down to low fat. It’s actually pretty smooth for a drink without three pumps of flavoring.

Caffe Latte: Ok, while this still has two shots of espresso, this is super milk heavy with the foam on top. If you’re trying to watch calories or get an actual coffee taste, I would advise against this one. Smooth, but basically tastes like hot milk.

Caffe Misto: This is my latest attempt to drink Starbucks’ actual brewed coffee. This drink consists of half coffee half milk. That’s it. I ordered it with 1% milk, and while I thought it was a little stout(I’m trying!), I could actually finish this one, unlike the cup of plain coffee with sugar that I dumped after two swigs.

So, if you’re like me and really want to be able to tolerate something other than tea or a “fru fru” drink, there’s hope. Give those three drinks I mentioned a shot, and maybe you’ll be able to ease your way into the world of “real” coffee.

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