Made in the U.S.A.

Maybe it’s the politics in the air, but I have been bitten by the “buy American” shopping bug. Of course, I don’t mean that I have started to exclusively buy products made here in the states, but recently I have made more of an effort to buy “local”. I have here my most recent and most favorite purchases so far.

The key fob has been featured on my Instagram a couple of times, and you can buy it here from Smathers and Branson. While this piece isn’t “technically” American made, it’s from a company started here in 2005 by two friends who work with a handful of stitchers in Vietnam. Their social outreach to those Vietnamese communities is what made me want to give my money to this company. That and their amazing hand-stitched goods.

The lip balm is probably my favorite balm I’ve ever tried. It’s $4 and from a company based out of Kentucky called Charlie and Crew. She has all different types of lip balms that are not only amazing smelling, they’re vegan! Check out mine here.

I am so excited about my new Port Royal Outfitters sunglasses straps. This Georgia company is near to my heart because they’re located in a state that borders mine. Their website has a variety of colors and you can purchase the straps in silk or seersucker, and I obviously went for the latter in navy. I’m also a huge fan of their hats, so you might be seeing one of them on here soon.

This is my favorite purchase, and I absolutely can’t wait for the first suitable occasion to wear this bracelet! This piece of art is a product of a partnership between the wonderful Kiel James  Patrick and a new favorite Tucker  Blair. Both companies are based out of New England, and they each make fabulous products. You can buy my bracelet here. I recommend getting this one before all of the summer holidays begin!

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