Spring Break in the Snow

Who else had a “spring break” trip up north? Just me? Although I haven’t had a true “spring break” in years, I’ve found that for the past several years I enjoy traveling in mid-late March. Prices and crowds are usually down, and since I live in Tennessee and don’t see snow often, it’s a good chance to see the white stuff before winter is truly gone!

This year, my mom and I took a four night mini vacation to Minnesota. I use the word “Minnesota” loosely, since we racked up 800 miles driving around to different states during our time there.

The first day we landed in Minneapolis and quickly made our way over to Wisconsin for lunch in an adorable town. We decided that if we were in a Hallmark movie this would be the perfect place to be stuck in a snowstorm, which we almost were. 

After that we decided to visit the mother of all malls, the Mall of America.

I promise we shopped, but the most impressive part to me was the AMUSEMENT PARK inside the mall! Of course we rode the roller coaster!

The next morning we drove north to the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Living in the south, the only image I’ve ever had of this river had been the one of mile wide waters. Here, not so much.   

 We were able to WALK across the Mississippi River! Maybe we’re nerds, but we thought that was awesome! 

After a long car ride, we made it to North Dakota, where we visited Fargo and ate dinner at a really cool pizza restaurant downtown. By the way, if you’re imagining Fargo to be a tiny Main Street town, you would be thinking like I did, and that’s incorrect! It’s a super cool little city that I wish we would have had more time to explore.


After dinner, we drove south and spent the night in South Dakota, basically we had time for our heads to hit the pillows before we were out!


 We diverged from our straight path down the interstate at explored Sioux Falls the next morning. It was cold and not much was open, but we toured around the historic court house and saw the town’s namesake!


We drove through Iowa and stopped in a tiny town to eat lunch, just so we could cross that state off the list! Another few hours of driving, and we were back in civilization. We stopped in St. Paul to look around the historic Summit Street. Check out my Instagram for some pictures of the beautiful homes! All in all, we had a fun time. We saw 5 states in 4 days, walked across the largest river in the United States, shopped at the Mall of America, and had some great mother-daughter bonding time! 🙂

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