Fall Vacation 2016 Part 1


We just got back from our jam-packed vacation! Our cruise left from New York, so we spent Friday there before the boat left on Saturday. We didn’t book anything so that way we could just leisurely wander around the city. I wouldn’t recommend this for a typical trip, but since we only had the day and most of us had seen the major sights already, it worked for us!

The only place I absolutely HAD to visit while in NYC was Ralph’s Coffee, the coffee shop located on the second floor of the 5th Avenue Polo store. This is a MUST see, and I would suggest bringing a little extra cash to purchase a souvenir. Keep in mind it’s a Ralph Lauren establishment, so you won’t get away cheap. I purchased a hat for $40, and the tee shirts were selling for $55.

We finished out our day with dinner in Times Square at John’s Pizza, and if you are looking for authentic and delicious New York pizza, this is the place for you! After that we headed over to Wall Street for a cliché tourist picture with the bull. This was all just day one of our week-long vacation!

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