Fall Vacation 2016 Part 2



I have two words that will help you on any Canadian or New England trip in the fall: BEAN BOOTS. We left New York Harbor on Saturday morning, had a day at sea, and made our way into our first port on Monday. It was 43 degrees, windy, and raining when we stepped out into Saint John, New Brunswick. We were all glad we had our hooded rain jackets, but I was especially glad I packed my L.L. Bean boots! My feet stayed nice and dry and toasty in my thick socks, and I was able to splash around in puddles like a kid! I would also suggest wearing layers. At one point I wore a rain jacket, a puffer vest, a sweater, and a button down, and I felt perfectly comfortable.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in Saint John, but we did visit the famous City Market, which is somewhat similar to Quincy Market in Boston, just more produce goods.

We walked around King Square for just a moment, mainly to get a few pictures, despite the rain!

Our next port was Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unless there is a cruise excursion that you really feel you need to do, I would recommend renting a car in this port. For only $50 we were able to rent a car for the day and drive around as much as we wanted. Our main stop was Peggy’s Cove to see the famous lighthouse, known as the most-photographed lighthouse in all of Canada.

After our visit to Peggy’s Cove, we leisurely made our way back to Halifax, stopping wherever we could to leaf peep, which was the part I was most excited about!

Everyone told us this was the best time to see leaves in this part of the country. I think a few types of trees still had a couple weeks before their peak, so I would definitely recommend not going before mid-October. It was still beautiful, though, and nothing like we ever see here in the south!

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