Fall Vacation 2016 Part 3


Our final stop before we headed home from the cruise was in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is extremely walkable, so I would recommend wearing extremely comfortable shoes. I wore my lightweight loafers and my feet didn’t even notice the nine miles that we managed to walk! It may sound dorky, but I was really hoping to be able to wear my new American flag sweater from Ralph Lauren, and thankfully it was cool enough for me to layer it with a lightweight button-down.

Our first stop was lunch, and we decided on the historic City Tavern. The restaurant is completely “colonial” themed, they even cook food like people did hundreds of years ago. This means food isn’t quite as seasoned as some are used to, but for me, someone who likes somewhat plain food, it was perfect!

We walked over to Christ Church Burial Ground where Benjamin Franklin and several other signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried. The Betsy Ross house was just down the street, so we popped in there as well for a quick visit!

Elfreth’s Alley was on my Philadelphia bucket list. This street is the nation’s oldest collection of residential homes, and most of them are still privately owned. Each house was gorgeous and historic, and I took a picture of almost every front door. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses!

No trip to Philly is complete without the Independence Hall tour! I will give this piece of advice: don’t book the last tour of the day like we did. I thought it would give us enough time to see the rest of things we wanted by knowing our tour was booked already. The problem is that the giftshop was closing before our tour would let out, and we had to almost run to see the Liberty Bell and documents before our tour started at 4:20, because all of those would be closed by the time we were done as well! Although we did get to see everything, I felt slightly pressured to take in all of these historic sites very quickly, so just remember to give yourself enough time to see these places!

My husband really wanted to see the Rocky statue and run the steps from the movie, so our group set out to find the iconic spot. Since we were based in Old Town, we weren’t really close to this part of the city, so we wound up taking a city bus out here. The steps are located in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum, and the statue is down to the right of the steps. We ran the steps, jumped up and down, and called it a night!

The next morning I got dressed quickly and went to snap a few pictures of some homes not far from our hotel, still within the Society Hill neighborhood. We saw them on our walk back the evening before, but I had to get some shots of them in the daytime!


Our last tourist stop was in Baltimore, Maryland. All four of us are huge House of Cards fans, so we had to take our pictures in front of Frank and Claire’s townhouse from season 1! Even though the show is set in D.C., it is shot in Baltimore, so there are many other filming locations located throughout the city. We just stopped at this one! This was an amazing vacation where we were able to see and experience so many places, and now I’m just ready for the next adventure!

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