How to Know When to Buy

Have you ever been shopping and saw a dream item that you knew you had to have? It happened to me when I saw this J. Crew top online:

I don’t usually shop at J.Crew, I’m more of a J. Crew Factory kind of girl. I simply can’t afford to regularly shop the full-priced items, but the J. Crew marketing wizards slipped this top into one of their emails that made its way into my inbox…and the rest is history.

So happy with my purchase!

Spending $88 on a top is no small purchase for me. Here are the three questions I ask myself before making a big purchase:

Have I slept on it?

I don’t buy on impulse. There are the rare instances where I know I won’t ever be back to the store or the item is one-of-a-kind, but this situation doesn’t often occur.

–By the way, these rules apply to any purchase, not necessarily a top or even an article of clothing.–

If I see something that is over my comfortable spending limit, I’ll allow myself three days to think on it. If I’m still considering the purchase after three days, I’ll move on to my next two questions.

How often will I wear it/use it?

An expensive item may not seem so expensive when you consider how often you’ll actually be wearing it or using it. If you can see yourself getting a lot of use out of the item, and not something you could only use/wear once or twice, it may be something to consider. I won’t buy something unless I know I can use/wear it multiple places (work, church, date night). If the item  passes this test (and is clothing), I’ll ask my last question.

–Side note before moving on: Please know that these rules only apply to your “everyday” purchases. I am more lenient with myself if I am purchasing something for a special occasion. I understand that a dress for your rehearsal dinner probably won’t fit the criteria I’m mentioning!–

Is this versatile?

The final question: how many outfits can I make out of this? Can I wear it with shorts? A skirt? Dress pants or jeans? Is this item timeless and not a “trend” that will quickly go out of style? Luckily, my J.Crew berry top checked all of these boxes. I felt that I would definitely get my money’s worth out of this top because I could wear it with literally every bottom half piece of clothing in my closet.

I just love the details!

Remember, these rules aren’t for everyone, they just serve as a guideline for me when I’m out shopping. I hope they help you when you’re deciding if you should make your next purchase!

3 thoughts on “How to Know When to Buy

  1. Love this post, I unfortunately am not an impulse buyer, and as a result sometimes super regret not purchasing an item that I wish I did. Like L.L. Bean boots two years ago when they used to sell out in October and be back ordered till March.


    1. I completely understand. I waited one year and had to wait a whole year to purchase Bean boots! But I’m happy I did, and when you do you won’t regret it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I purchased my this year, and it was the best purchase I ever made, my feet stay warm and dry in this PA weather.


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